Rules by DcT.Dr.Love

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Rules by DcT.Dr.Love

Post  Admin on Mon Nov 07, 2011 9:16 am

a)-The first leaver of any game has to be banned.

b)-Only the first three leavers can be punished for leaving.

c)-Any flame admin is reason for ban (admin need to save replay to prove that)

d)-Admins are not allowed to kick/drop any plugger.

i)-Disconect are not reason for ban.

All players must roll and switch if there is 5vs3 or 4vs2 without any excuse (the same goes for all DcT admins or members)

If u have destroyed barracks (mega creeps) then u dont need to switch (except if both team agree to balance game)

Leaver use its alowed only for defend base from creeps but not to attack heroes.

Base camp or fountain camp is not allowed (attack heroes when they are in fountain)

f)-When there are more then 3 leavers about the 10th minute, admins are allowed to make the game draw (!end). But this must happen immediately after the last leaver left the game.

g)-Admins are not allowed to kick,mute or ban any DcT members!

Creep skipping is allowed. Backdooring in the enemy base are NOT ALOWED (u are not alowed to attack enemy towers or barrack without allied creeps)

a)-Attacking enemy creeps without allied creeps around is allowed on DcT-bots

c)-Without creeps you are not allowed to kill any house, barrack or tower inside of the base.

d)-If you have run into the base with creeps, you are allowed to destroy everything until you leave the base or make yourself invisable.

We appeal you to cut out everything superfluous -like bulling, struggling, provoking, crying.

a)-Sexist, racist or offensive expressions/nicknames are a reason to ban.

b)-Admins are allowed to mute you for 5 minutes after they warned you 2 times in case of flaming.

c)-Admins are not allowed to kick anybody, if the respective player is afk for lesser then 5 minutes.

Playing unfair won´t be accepted by DcT-clan!

a)-Willfully feeding is strictly forbidden and will be punished, admin can kick feeder by hes decision (admin need to save replay to prove that)

b)-Stealing any item of your team is forbidden. Stealing enemy items is allowed.

c)-You must balance the teams!!!! (if someone refuse to switch admins are allowed to kick and ban that players)

Abuse admins rights is strictly forbidden and will be punished, he will be immediately deleted from admins data base at server europe!




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Re: Rules by DcT.Dr.Love

Post  hyun on Mon Nov 07, 2011 10:28 am

Love it! Smile

Keep it up Love ^^,

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Post  DcT.dr.Tit on Wed Nov 09, 2011 1:19 am

Opaaaaaaaaaa! Very Happy

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Re: Rules by DcT.Dr.Love

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